100 moments

Rejoicing in the 100th anniversary of the University of Lithuania, KTU initiates and begins the implementation of 100 activities for the commemoration of the University, inviting active participation of the representatives of the University’s academic community and the citizens of Kaunas City and Kaunas Region.

The variety of activities will meet even the most finicky needs by providing a chance to participate in and watch the artistic initiatives of various genres, events, processions, exhibitions, shows and performances. One of the most impressive events is the commemoration of the centennial of the University at “Žalgiris” Arena on 16 February 2022, organised in cooperation with other universities located in Kaunas.

The University will implement various educational projects, present the publications and other reading material dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the University. You will recognise and get acquainted with the significant events of the University, eminent persons, activities in the media. The representatives of the University’s community will share their memories and stories in the interesting conversation cycles organised for the commemoration of the University.

It will be a pleasure to meet you in the activities of the anniversary of the University of Lithuania. Detailed information will be announced before each scheduled activity.

On 16 02 2022, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the University of Lithuania (LU) together at “Žalgiris” Arena. A high-level artistic event is prepared with a storyline of history, statehood and the origins of higher education in Lithuania, the presentation of the origins of the University of Lithuania and its history.

* – if mass events on the closed premises are permitted.

A revived tradition and unity of the universities will be felt in the procession of 1 September dedicated to the celebration of the new academic year. A colourful and joyful procession of students, lecturers and other members of the university’s community will loudly march in the heart of Kaunas City – Laisvės Alley.

To take a walk in the Administrative Building of KTU which is the architectural heritage of the interwar period, visit the spaces of “Santaka” Valley or just walk through KTU Student Campus without leaving your room – everyone will be provided a chance of this new experience using the virtual reality technologies.

The aim is to combine efforts and create a unique collection – 100 memories, living stories from the University’s life. We invite the University’s community and all those who are willing to send their memories, photographs, video material related to the memories and stories of the University. The most interesting recollections may become the stories that others can relate to and enrich the history of the University.

The goal of this initiative is to unite the University’s community by encouraging its members to visit each other and thus create a wholesome community space on the foundation of closer and more open cooperation. The departments visit each other and learn how they live and what they do.

Let’s remember or, maybe, hear for the first time the stories of the people who devoted a large part of their lives to the University. They are the witnesses and creators of our living history and changes. A cycle of articles and interviews with the honorary members of the University – emeriti.

A unique and exceptional long-term project initiated by students; its final result is the festival of light installations created by students at the Student Campus.

Community discussion and conversation cycle – historical review of the origins of the University of Lithuania. The Rector will invite the members of the community to join the conversations, discuss and remember the stages of the establishment and development of the University of Lithuania, review the historical periods of the University and significant facts during these periods.