KTU celebrates the centennial of the University of Lithuania

The spirit of the University of Lithuania (LU), established on 16 February 1922 after the reorganisation of the Higher Courses, remains preserved in Kaunas University of Technology (KTU).

Back then, the University was the place of the creation of the Lithuanian scientific terminology and new branches of science required for the strengthening of the Lithuanian economy and industry, publishing of the first textbooks in the Lithuanian language, the establishment of the first Lithuanian research centres, development of the major scientific and cultural movements of the first independence, where the lectures were given by well-known Lithuanian and European intellectuals, philosophers, highest officers and public figures of the country.

It was a liberal and modern university, unique in its free community spirit, direct communication between the professors and students, fostering the local culture, historical memory and critical thinking.

The higher education institutions that originate from the University of Lithuania established in 1922 recognise their sources in and relate their historical periods with this University. The centennial of the establishment of the LU, which will be celebrated next year, is significant not only because of the fact of the establishment of this organisation, more importantly, because of the works of the people who worked for this University in favour of Lithuania and contributing to the formation of the identity of the state. Even during the occupations, they continued their work, research and academic traditions that began in the interwar years.

According to historians, up until 1922, most of the scientific works in Lithuania, or, more precisely, Vilnius University, were written in other languages because the Lithuanian language did not have a strong position in the academic environment. The processes occurring in the LU enabled the development of the scientific Lithuanian language which is particularly significant in the establishment of its status and strengthening of national identity.



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100 memories

Dear visitor, 100 years – many or not? Is it possible to remember everything? Is everything documented in the annals of history? Every one of us keeps many stories and memories. We invite you to share your memories about the events, personalities and experiences that are significant to the University but may be unknown to anyone else… Write and send your recollection, we will share it with the University’s community. Your most interesting recollections may become the stories that others can relate to and they will enrich the history of the University.