Stationary exhibition “Students and studies 100 years ago”

In December 2021, the exhibition of KTU Museum “Students and studies 100 years ago” will be opened nearby the Rectorate Hall on the 4th floor of KTU Administrative Building (K. Donelaičio st. 73). The exhibition will present the photographs recording the moments of the life of the students of KTU predecessor – University of Lithuania: students at the lectures, laboratories, trips, various societies and corporations. In 1932, the University had about 5 thousand students, i.e., the number of students of four Belgium universities and twice as much as the total number of students at the University of Zurich and Zurich Polytechnic Institute at the time. In 1922–1940, 140 student organisations were operating at the University; they attracted students because of their academic interests, as well as their worldview, ideas, hobbies, their roots of ethnic regions and communities. The student organisations had their rituals and traditions, rich cultural life which fragments are displayed in the Museum’s exhibition.

The Mathematics-Physics student society meeting for tea, 28 November 1931. In the centre: prof. Zigmas Žemaitis and prof. Viktoras Biržiška.